Energy management

  1. Energy audits for a mine restructuring company in Poland covering over 20 coal mines in Silesia. The audit included sources and utilizes of energy, human factor, structure, water systems, energy generators, cooling systems and light etc.
  2. Energy audits for more than 100 supermarkets and shopping centres, for an international French Group.
  3. Dozens of energy audits for companies for example: Alchemia (steel industry) Fibris, Bonduelle, Fritar, Danone, Uzdrowisko Nałęczów, URSA, Iglotex, Ferrex, Hanplast, Lesaffre, Polish Foundries, Avantor, Gino Rossi, RUN Chłodnia, SAPA Aluminium, WZPOZE Kwidzyń, Piec-Bud, Pro-Cars, Sutco, Katowice Coal Holding, Bell, BudTech, etc.
  4. Several energy audits for TUV Nord.
  5. Designing of 10 MW photovoltaic farm with the use of CIS modules.
  6. Final projects for the use of geothermal water from depths of about 1800m for heating such  complexes like Solpark, hotels, schools, library, clinics, football pitch, swimming pools, etc. Geothermal projects have been carried out for the Department of Municipal Kleszczow and have included heat substations, external low current duct systems, electrical and automation systems, geothermal district heating and sewage runoff system as well as BMS software. As a pioneering initiative, it had to be preceded by research and development of methods to connect the new aggressive low-temperature system to the existing high-temperature one.
  7. Concept of installation using solar and wind power, electrolysers and energy generators to produce energy and clean gasses (hydrogen and oxygen) for Saudi Arabian industry
  8. Concept of energy sufficient powered by the solar energy factories of plastic elements, chemically resistant items, UV lights, etc. for Saudi Arabian investors.
  9. Concept of building and technology for innovative photovoltaic factory for the Middle East customer.
  10. Concept of installation for waste to energy conversion with the use of solar power for Saudi Arabian investor.
  11. Concept of solar-thermal, photovoltaic and ventilation laboratory for training of renewable energy installers for the Science and Technology Park Euro Centrum Sp. z o.o. in Katowice, Poland. The projects included the concept, training materials, accreditation of EU Government, pilot training, and recruitment of trainers and participants.